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About Us

A young company with a long history

Even if our company is just starting, the idea behind it goes back a few years in the head of our founder. Wayne Bujold has always been keen on investing on long lasting, quality-made clothing and found that men’s fashion had little to offer in the last few years.  While women’s fashion is usually on the forefront, men always seemed offered a choice between lower quality clothes or out-of-price offerings from designers.  Set on offering discerning men a new product that would offer high quality, style and comfort at a reasonable price, Wayne started digging into clothing in 2016.  He met with multiple people of experience in design, manufacturing and importing to make his vision come to life and real work started shortly after that.   Three components were important to Wayne and he would not rest until he got them all: Quality, Distinctive & Exclusive Design and Equitable clothing.  When time came to name the clothing line, he did not have to search very long and found inspiration from his father Lorenzo.  Having been born in 1926, Lorenzo grew up in northern New Brunswick, quickly picking up the nickname of Lonzo and providing, almost a century later, the name of his son’s clothing line, Lonzo 1926.

Finally, in 2020, all that hard work comes to fruition with the launch of our first collection of shirts that has been designed exclusively for us by our manufacturing partner with the input of Wayne.  A second collection is already in the works with plans to offer a larger collection to complement our shirts.  

Wayne’s pride comes not only from the product but also from the manufacturing process.  After much research it was determined that Columbia would be the best place to manufacture the clothing line because of their great work ethics and quality material.  Throughout the process, Wayne visited the country and the manufacturing plant multiple times to ensure it would properly represent the values his father held to heart.  Fair treatment of the employees, was of the utmost importance not only in our manufacturing partner but also throughout his supply chain, making sure no child labor is used.  Materials have been sourced from Columbia, Peru and Brazil to make sure everything from the cotton to the thread used in our clothes matched our values and our standards of quality.  Our partner also had to be environmentally conscious as we understand materials used to create our clothes come from nature itself so Wayne spent some time talking to the manufacturer and the authorities that could confirm everything was done within regulations.  Through his visits, Wayne discovered a country worthy of being visited, both for it’s incredible vistas and for it’s even more incredible people.

This story of Lonzo 1926 starts today and we hope you find the same pride in wearing our clothes than we do in creating them.

Lonzo 1926, quality runs in the family