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About Us

Lonzo 1926 clothing brand’s history


To my father, my hero...

I was born in the small Acadian village of Saint Arthur, located in northern New Brunswick. Since my early childhood, I have been interested in new fashion trends and men's clothing.

 I still remember my mother reminding my father of the importance of buying quality clothing and dressing appropriately. It was also the same for her children! However, this was a big challenge since the gap between our ages was too big and we could not share our clothes. Over the years, however, I still developed a taste for the quality and comfort of the clothes I was wearing.

In 1981, my world was turned upside down. I was only 11 years old and my mother had cancer. I was told she had only a few months to live. I can't explain my pain in writing. Like anyone who has gone through the same experience, it left some very deep scars. My three brothers and I were going through a very challenging grieving process. Only our father remained. He became a single parent within a few months, took charge of the household, and ensured we had everything we needed. We were not the most fortunate in material goods, however, we had plenty of love and everything we needed for our well-being.

During the following years, I had many discussions with my father about my mother. One day he told me, with tears in his eyes, that my mother had made him promise on many occasions, to take good care of me...his baby.

I was not unmoved by these conversations. I could see my father devoting himself to us so that we could participate in the same sports or other activities as our friends. He was relentless in passing on my mother's values to us.

In 2018, it was my father who took his last breath. Another very big loss for our family. But this time I had already realized that what he had left me would allow me to pursue my projects with confidence.

In 2019, on a trip to the Dominican Republic, I met an amazing couple. The couple was on the beach and the man was making something with out of seaweed. Curious as I am, I approached him and started a conversation. The man started to speak to me but in Spanish. The language barrier didn't stop me from inviting him over for a beer. I found them so friendly. We communicated by any means other than talking, but our exchanges were fruitful. I learned that the couple was Colombian and that the man had retired from the textile industry. He explained how important this industry was to the survival of the people of his country. He also described to me the exceptional quality of this textile and its value for money.

When I returned home, I wanted to ensure the quality of these exchanges by consulting with r Colombian people and other experts in the industry. Everything was confirmed and it wasn't long before I left for the country myself. Javiar, a friend from my region whom I had known for 15 years, took care of my networking. I met some unforgettable people. I was so impressed with their work ethic and the quality of the textile.

From there, the idea of a men's clothing line was born: Lonzo to honor my father's name (Lorenzo) and 1926 for his year of birth. Since that day, I put all my energy to make this dream of mine a reality.   

Today, the market for Lonzo 1926 has grown considerably. We have an online store and have participated in several trade shows. We also have our clothing line in several boutiques and continue to form good partnerships with well-known boutiques.

My story continues to be written from this point on. Lonzo 1926 continues to adapt to the needs of its clientele and appreciates all the support you give it.

Thanks for everything dad.

Love you mom,


Wayne Bujold,

CEO of Lonzo 1926